Nekonium Twitter Faucet

Server Message:

How does this work?

This Nuko faucet is to distributing NUKO to users and to promoting Nekonium on twitter. Anyone having a Twitter account may request funds within the permitted limit depends on the number of followers on your account:

  • < 100 followers : 0.5 nuko/day
  • 100 -> 999 followers : 1 nuko/day
  • 1000 -> 10000 followers : 2 nuko/day
  • > 10000 followers : 4 nuko/day
To use the Faucet, click Click me to tweet and change 0x00000... to your Nekonium address (surrounding text doesn't matter but it must contain hastag #tipnekonium).
Copy-paste the tweets URL into the above input box and fire away!

Side notes:

Nukoco illustration by @Juliconyan

Follow dev account on twitter:

Join our discord for more news/development progress: Discord invite link

Bitcointalk announcement: Link to btctalk topic

Your twitter account will be automatically tested for being a genuine account on: Online bot test . The account must pass all test with less than 75% bot score.

We will stricten the twitter account bot score if we found more bots are using the faucet. If you are new user, you need to add friend adn tweet for a while to pass the bot test

Donations to the faucet are welcome: Faucet Address

The faucet is running invisible reCaptcha protection against bots.